It’s not about having time, it’s about making time

In the midst of creative exploration, facing a new life chapter, and yearning to invest more time in my business, I commit to prioritizing business goals with unwavering discipline.
It's not about having time, it's about making time.
If you’re a business owner reading this, what are you currently working on to strengthen your brand?

I’m in the creative zone, jotting down fresh blog topics, brainstorming content ideas, and watching the latest episode of Kill Tony. 

Lately, I’ve been navigating a new chapter in life, giving it the attention it deserves. But I often catch myself thinking, “If only I had more time to focus on my business, I’d dive into this and that.” 

Interestingly, I find myself with more time now than ever before. So, what’s holding me back?

I mean… I have dedicated plenty of time to study– and even the application of such. 

I could attribute it to imposter syndrome or point fingers at external factors, but I won’t. 

It’s simply a matter of lack of discipline.

Questions that need answers...

Have you ever set a seemingly simple goal for yourself and did not push through? To even start? I have. It sucks. 

To me, your word is your bond; it’s your law. Imagine not coming through for yourself – that erodes trust in oneself.

The lack of discipline hits hard when I reflect on unfulfilled commitments. 

Your word should be sacred, a pledge you make to yourself that’s as unbreakable as any contract. 

Yet, here I am, grappling with the realization that I haven’t upheld my end of the bargain.

Make him worship you
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Making a change...

Trust is a fragile thing, and it starts with being trustworthy to oneself.

It’s a principle I hold dear. 

How can I expect to lead and build a brand if I can’t rely on my own commitment and discipline?

So, it’s time for a shift. A commitment to self-discipline, and an unwavering promise to prioritize my business goals. 

No more excuses, no more blaming external factors. It’s about taking ownership and steering my ship in the direction it deserves to go.

Setting and achieving small goals will be the cornerstone of this transformation. 

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    Each triumph, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will be a testament to my commitment and an affirmation that I can be trusted – by others and, most importantly, by myself.

    This journey won’t be without its challenges. Breaking old habits and forging new, disciplined ones is a process, not an event. 

    But it’s a journey I’m ready to embark on, armed with the knowledge that success is built on a foundation of consistency and self-trust.

    As I share this introspective moment, I invite you, fellow business owners, to reflect on your own journey. 

    1. What commitments have you made to yourself that may need a revival?
    2. How can you strengthen the bond of trust with yourself, setting the stage for a more disciplined and successful path?

    Let’s embark on this journey together, committed to the growth and success of our businesses and, in turn, ourselves. 



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